Participate in Bat Week (held the last week of each October)

Help us build bat houses to support the BatWeek goal organization to each year set a new day-record for building bat boxes (1,341 bat houses were built during BatWeek of 2015) while more importantly spreading the a bat conservation message that focuses on the value and effectiveness of bats as insect predators; their value to agriculture; and the need for their protection and conservation. This is a great example of citizen science working in and for your community.
Young Citizen Scientists doing the messy work - prime & paint!

                  Young Citizen Scientists doing the messy work – prime & paint!

Each of the bat boxes we build will be installed on an agricultural property, at an industrial complex, or at a private residence in the north Salinas River Valley (including Paso Robles, Templeton, Atascadero, San Miguel, Santa Margarita, Creston, Shandon, and Camp Roberts). These scientifically designed, Bat Conservation International approved boxes will help attract and maintain colonies of bats, which are vital to the health of our environment AND beneficial to our economy. Moreover, bats universally contribute to environmentally safe and economically sustainable farming as well as sound natural agricultural lands management.