Report a Pallid Bat Night Roost

Jerusalem Cricket, aka “Potato Bug”

Do you have an evening visitor that leaves some telltale signs of its foraging and eating habits? Are you finding insect exoskeleton remnants, including the heads or bodies, of crickets, scorpions, and especially the “potato bug” (see adjacent image), which is also known as the Jerusalem Cricket (Stenopelmatus spp.)? You may be hosting a night roost of an important agricultural friend, the Pallid Bat!

To find out more, click the down arrow to find a description of the Pallid Bat. 

To sign the petition to name the Pallid Bat as the California State Bat click HERE

  1. A medium-sized bat (click image to enlarge)
  2. with pale-colored (yellow, yellow-brown, or light reddish-yellow) back
  3. with paler (than the back) almost yellow-white fur on the chest & belly that typically does NOT have dark tips
  4. with relatively long ears (relative to head size) that are
    Pallid Bat w/scorpion

    Pallid Bat eating a Stripe-tailed Scorpion

    1. broad,
    2. naked,
    3. fringed with distinct hairs just inside the leading edge, and
    4. display 9 to 11 obvious transverse lines (striae), which aid in both hearing and echolocation;
  5. with a mostly naked snout with sparse, thick hairs
  6. with wing and tail membranes mostly hairless, light brown in color

If you have seen the visitor and it fits this description, you may be hosting a night roost of the Pallid Bat. Good for you! 

If you believe that you have found a Pallid Bat night roost, please use the following form to report it.

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