Report a Dead Bat

Note: If a person or domestic animal has been exposed to a bite, scratch or saliva from a dead or live bat, call your Public Health Department, doctor, or emergency care provider.

If you have found a dead bat, please make sure you follow safety precautions in order for us to collect the specimen. Here’s how to preserve your bat until we arrive to retrieve it:

1. Using disposable gloves or a washable implement (tongs, large forceps, etc.), place bat in an oversized sealable plastic bag or disposable container
2. Place bag or container in freezer
3. Dispose of gloves and/or wash collecting implement
4. Complete the following form

Now, please use this form to report your dead bat. We will contact you within 24 hours or less and will strive to retrieve every preserved specimen within 48 hours of receiving your report.

New form coming soon!