Report a Sick or Injured Bat

All of our Central Coast bats feed on flying insects (some specialize also in terrestrial prey including Jerusalem Crickets and scorpions!) also  and are active between dusk and dawn. In North America, bats are observed primarily during the spring, summer, and fall but due to our mild Central Coast winters, bats can be active here year-round, especially following warm, sunny days.

However, bats observed during the day or otherwise showing unusual behaviors – for example, displaying an inability to fly or other sign(s) of distress – may be diseased. These individuals are of extreme interest to us AND your report may help save a bat, a bat roost, or even a local bat population.

Please use the following form to report a bat or bats showing unusual behavior; such as,

  • A bat or bats having trouble flying

  • A bat or bats flying during the daytime

  • A bat that is obviously in distress

  • A bat or bats that has/have a white fungus growing on face or wings.

New form coming soon!